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So in art school I went through this phase where I really hated owls for no reason.

Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona

Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona

Kendrick Lamar's Full Diss List REVEALED

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany.

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany.

This one wasn't good enough for the archive

Detective 1: "The victim's body was found behind the local Tollhouse Bakery."

Detective 2: "What's the cause?"

Detective 3: "Looks like Death by chocolate..... and 17 stab wounds."

Another one of my favorite standups.

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     I tend to dabble in the Video Games. This is no secret. I am a dedicated Xbox fan-boy. I’ve been counting down the days until December 25, when I’m confident I’ll find a shiny new Xbox One sitting under the tree. Funny to think that only a week ago I walked into a Gamestop and attempted to pre-order the Playstation 4. One game changed my mind, one free, 6 year old, “mediocre” game.

     Realtime World’s Crackdown (only for Xbox 360) is essentially Grand Theft Auto with Superman. The world of the game is boring, generic and campy, but that’s perfectly fine. I’ve never been addicted to Heroin, but I imagine its pretty similar to playing Crackdown. In reality, the only thing that differs Crackdown from any other open-world game is jumping. The desire to pick up more agility orbs, only for the purpose to pick up more agility orbs is the epitome of addictive game play.image

      The game was a minor critical and financial success for Microsoft. So naturally, 3 years later they released a sequel Crackdown 2. It was… not as good. Going back to the Heroin analogy earlier, this game was Oxycontin. The game wasn’t just a critical flop but a financial one as well. It sold roughly half the copies of the original. The franchise seemed dead in the water.

    So why did this dead franchise swing me back to Julie Larson-Green and the Xbox? Because its not dead. 2 weeks from now in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom will take place. Microsoft has already stated that a new game will be shown. How convenient that the original Crackdown was free on Xbox Live this month. That’s almost as weird as when a Crackdown agility orb was shown as a logo on the Xbox One interface demo back in May. These aren’t the only signs. Crackdown has always been a very multiplayer focused franchise. Both games featured cooperative play throughout the entire game over Xbox Live. So would it not make sense that the reason Microsoft has hired so many online multiplayer specialists as of late isn’t some farfetched Fable MMO, but a new Crackdown game?

     So in summation from the evidence presented before you in this blog post, a Crackdown 3 seems very likely to be announced in the next few weeks. So  the moment it does, my not-so friendly neighborhood Gamestop will get my money for a new Xbox One.

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada